We turn by-catch
into crab food

What started as a farfetched idea, turned into reality after much, much innovation. That's a nice way to say 'Two steps forward, one-and-half back'. From late 2023, we will start with the production of raw crab meat from plague species in North West Europe. Delicious, nutritious, crustalicious!

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A cooperation between Wetec, GP Stainless and MRK1.

Started four years ago from the ambitious idea to turn a tremendous plague into a delicacy, these three companies embarked on a ‘two-steps-forward-one-step-back’ project to build a machine without using too much human labour and produce delicious and clean, raw crab meat.

In our neck of the woods, three species form plagues. The exotic Chinese mitten crab, the native green crab and the larger Brown crab. They are not a by-catch. They are not in any quotation. They don’t really exist. And yet, there they are. By the billions.

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Crab facts

One female crab can have as many as
55.000 offspring each year!

The crab we make,
the crab you can use!

From late 2023 you can order with us:

  • fresh uncooked crab meat frozen in bags of one kilo from three different species:
  • Green Crab or Carcinus maenas from the Wadden Sea, North Sea and Grevelingen
  • Chinese Mitten Crab or Ireocheir sinensis from the fresh water lakes and rivers of Holland and Belgium and the esuaria of the big rivers
  • North Sea Crab (also known as Brown Crab) or Cancer pagurus of which we only use the remaining bodies

Prices depend on volume, drop us an email for more information!

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